Garden Update with Smoothie

I am wondering.. will I harvest my garden this year or not
One second its hot with sun and another second cold and raining.
Its like today, I was sitting in balcony and drinking cold smoothie and suddenly starts raining..
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So, if yours today is much better than my, try this recipe:
1 banana
handful frozen blueberries
few pieces of frozen pineapple
cold water
blend all ingredients and enjoy

My Garden In Balcony

My last year garden in balcony.
I had 9 pots with tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, strawberries, herbs( dill, parsley, basil,..) and lot of flowers.

IMG_20140630_163449 IMG_20130926_184709 IMG_20130926_184034 IMG_20130914_175313 IMG_20130724_184527
This year my garden will be smaller, so far i have 4 little tomatoes seedlings, 4 cili, onions, herbs and lot of flowers.
In ireland weather is not very friendly, but still it’s possible to have little garden.. a little reminder about home witch is far far away..