1st Birthday


Today is one year birthday for my blog! I can’t believe it, time flies so fast.
One year ago, my dream come true. For me it was big step for self confidence learning english, cooking, crafting, taking photos. I put all my passions in one little place, in one little home..
Just want to say THANK YOU all, for supporting, comments, likes. For walking through this year with me. For everything!


2015 Holiday

Hello You all,
at last I am at home. I was on vacation. Visited my family, my country.
It was so fun, we were spending time in summerhouse. Drive with bicycles in the forest. Eat blueberries… meet friends… and it was so hard to leave them all there.but I believe we will meet each other sooner than we think.

🙂 always think positive 🙂

My family’s summer house:

Spending time in the forest:
Preparing blueberry tea for winter:

Eating blueberry “soup”:

holiday5 holiday6 holiday15

After long day with bikes, preparing dinner:
holiday2 holiday3 holiday4 holiday14