Garden Update with Smoothie

I am wondering.. will I harvest my garden this year or not
One second its hot with sun and another second cold and raining.
Its like today, I was sitting in balcony and drinking cold smoothie and suddenly starts raining..
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So, if yours today is much better than my, try this recipe:
1 banana
handful frozen blueberries
few pieces of frozen pineapple
cold water
blend all ingredients and enjoy



Today by accident, I found on few channels, about raw eating:
Megan Elizabeth
Rawvana English
Freelee the Banana Girl
And these girls are really inspiring! So today, my plan is to eat more raw veggies and fruits. It’s summer now (well, not in Ireland lol :)), so worth to try 🙂
Today’s, first smoothie:
1 grapefruit
1 apple
Put all ingredients in a blender, blend for few min. Enjoy!
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